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Audio Transcription, Videography and Reporting Service

Cin-Tel Corporation has been meeting clients’ critical legal needs for over 30 years and providing videography services for more than 20 years. We stand ready to meet your requirements with confidence, dedication and loyalty. We can provide interpreters in almost any language.

Videography and Videoconferencing

Video depositions immortalize the spoken word and provides a visual of the deponent’s expressions, tone, body language, and persona. Video synchronized with the written transcript adds clarity to the testimony.

Videotaping of meetings and conferences provides an excellent tool to preserve speeches, recommendations, proposals, changes in policy and the supporting intellect.

Synchronization of videotape with the transcript produces side-by-side viewing. Audio to text synchronization is a valuable service we provide.

Videoconferencing is routinely used for expert consultations, witness preparations and legal depositions.

Videoconferencing is an excellent time saving, cost cutting tool that benefits all parties involved. Through our trusted network nationwide, we are happy to make your videoconference arrangements.

Recording videos of depositions, meetings and conferences immortalizes what is said. Multiple video transcriptions of an oral accounting about the same event can demonstrate differences in someone’s story or variations of the same story by different witnesses.

Video recordings can be useful in a wide variety of settings such as proving a witness has changed, or is falsifying, an account of an incident. It can also demonstrate the difference between a testimony in a deposition and the one the same person delivers under oath in courtroom settings.

Court Reporters – Nationwide Availability Whenever, Wherever

  • Realtime Court Reporters – Your Transcript today
  • NCRA Certified Reporters – Experienced and Qualified

Transcriptions – When and How You Need Them

  • Expedited Transcripts – We do the legwork to get what you need on time in all available formats.
    • E-Transcripts
    • ASCII with indexes
    • PDF
    • Cloud Data Transfer
  • Min-U-Scripts — Condensed transcripts with indices.
  • Master Word Index
  • Audiotape Transcriptions
  • Video Transcriptions
  • Internet Streaming

Depositions – Complimentary Conference Rooms

  • Last Minute Scheduling
  • Translators
  • Audio Transcription
  • Rough Drafts

Process Service – We Understand Your Urgency

  • Fast
  • Nationwide

Meetings and Conference Rooms – Verbatim Audio and Video Recording

  • Multiple on-site complimentary conference rooms
  • Nationwide complimentary conference rooms available

Notary Publics – Qualified and commissioned

  • Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana available

Document and Exhibit Imaging

  • Law Firms
  • Government Agencies
  • Large, Midsized and Small Corporations

Legal Video & Depositions

For over 20 years, Cin-Tel has provided experienced legal video specialists to the legal community.

Cin-Tel’s legal video specialists provide only the highest quality legal video products and services. Our legal videographers use only high-tech equipment to record all video depositions.

Depositions and legal proceedings are digitally recorded, and these digital recordings can be converted to any format, including MPEG1 and DVD formats. Videotaping depositions digitally gives you the ability to utilize state-of-the-art synchronization of video-to-text, which can then be incorporated for use in sophisticated trial presentations.

Court Reporting Agencies Nationwide

Cin-Tel’s Nationwide affiliates provide deposition and legal videography services to law firms and court reporting agencies. Our 30 years in business and membership in various court reporting associations has enabled us to meet and work with the finest court reporting firms nationwide. Cin-Tel’s court reporters are among the finest court reporters in our geographic areas. Our stenographic court reporters have recorded in major cities and small towns across the United States.

We are an established court reporting firm whose nationwide coverage provides you with the convenience of one centralized office for scheduling. Our staff will provide you a personalized service to match none.

Cin-Tel is a member of the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), DepoSpan, and Society for Technical Advancements in Reporting (STAR).

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